One revolutionary solution
made up of many.

SafeTower’s dedication to safety shines through in our AI patient safety solution. It’s been designed to promote safety throughout every level of your organization. By helping you overcome barriers, you’ll be able to gain clarity and grow a culture of support, as well as provide opportunities for human-focused collaboration.

Powered by people. Driven by machine learning.

Our safety reporting and management solution harnesses the wisdom of human experience and the intuitiveness of AI technology to deliver more productive, proactive and efficient incident management. We make it easier to report, analyze and respond to incidents across all kinds of health care organizations.

Smarter safety every
step of the way.

Engineered to deliver results across your organization.
Throughout the reporting, routing and review processes, our AI patient safety solution is optimized for a better user experience.

Augment staff’s capacity
  • Single, conversational reporting form
  • Automatic assignment of event categories
  • Automatic routing to appropriate reviewers
  • Unique EHR integration to incorporate patient and encounter data
  • Active Directory integration
Improve collaboration
  • Chat-like event follow-up feed
  • Transparent feedback to reporter
Accelerate organizational learning
  • Daily Digest feed
  • Good Catch submissions
  • Detect similar events across the system
Prioritize action
  • Insights dashboard for emerging trends and risk detection
  • Organize events into collections for follow-up

Three ways to a safer tomorrow.

Just like a seasoned member of your team, SafeTower AI — powered by three smart machine learning models — learns from your staff’s actions to filter through data so you can get ahead of hidden risks and prevent harm.

The Tagger Model

Save time with
the Tagger Model.

With our conversational reporting format, frontline staff can more quickly record an event.

  • Reads free text reports
  • Automatically categorizes event based on data in report
  • Intuitively routes to the correct reviewer

The Similar Events Model

Recognize patterns with
the Similar Events Model

This model shows users similar events within the ecosystem so they can make decisions faster.

  • Reads data interdepartmentally
  • Sees reports across all locations
  • Automatically identifies other instances of event reports

The Safety Trends Model

Uncover event relationships with
the Safety Trends Model

Safety Trends reveals connections between safety events across an enterprise.

  • Identifies trends in occurrences
  • Clusters data
  • Reveals hidden risks

Technology with patient safety at its core.

In partnership with leading health care organizations, SafeTower has deployed this solution across a variety of facilities and networks.




Surgery Centers


Health Practice



Increase In Direct And Meaningful Feedback To Reporters

Increase in Number of Event Indicators per Event

Increased Reporting by Residents, Attendings and Fellows

Improvements Across 5 Domains of User Experience

Over 80,000 events captured and 16,000 users.

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